Festive Outfit Ideas

The festive period is here and you’re up to your eyeballs in parties and plans you’ve made with friend. Brunch here, drinks with friends there, a few office parties and then you’re fully booked. This can only mean one thing to us fashion girls. We get to dress up a lot more and we love it! Sparkly accessories and embellished footwear. lurex trim jumper for the office? why not! Go that next step by having baubles on your nails and get your hair done so you look extra…well…extra this Christmas.


Sexy in Sequins

Sequins are set to be huge this Autumn/Winter season, with glitzy styles taking control of the runways this season – from late night parties (Christmas party season is upon us) or you could even, wait for it… wear them through the day! These shimmering looks are commanding this time of year, so the glitz of sequins could cause your head to go into a bit of a spin. To help you dice what sequin styles are going to be big, here’s our rundown of the ways to style sequins now. Prepare for the influx of sparkle…

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Midweek Fashion

I always seem to be drawn to neutral colours (think mochas, sand colours and biscuit hues), so i didn’t find it  difficult to wear as many chocolate shades throughout the week. I would even say that black is fast becoming the new brown, a bold statement i know, but if the runways are anything to go buy then it’s true.I wore brown Monday to Thursday, in my quest to prove wearing chocolate brown daily isn’t too much of a difficult task. I tried every trend I could think of, from clashing colours to mix and matching different tones. Keep scrolling to see how i wore brown midweek, and then shop my must-have pieces. wore brown for seven days straight, attempting to make brown look less like a paper bag and fashion forward. I tried every styling move I could think of, from colour clashes to head-to-toe looks to tonal dressing. Keep scrolling to see the seven ways I wore brown, and then shop my must-have pieces.

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Dressing Tips for Petite Girls

When you’re petite, getting clothes that fit can sometimes be difficult. As someone who’s under 5’3″, I’ve found myself shouting a staff member to grab me a shorter leg jean as the ones I’ve picked are waaaay to long or coats that have drowned me to make me resemble an 80s throwback (such is the unintentional massive shoulder pads). If you’re in agreement, then you know how frustrating it can be. But there are ways around this.

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Shoes & Skinny’s

They are a closet classic but people sometimes probably wonder if you need to to surgically remove them they see you wearing them that often. That’s fine because we know how comfortable they are but it’s the shoes you wear with them thats matters. Most footwear goes with a skinny silhouette, but it’s the colour of the denim and the footwear you choose that makes or breaks the outfit.


3 New Knitwear Trends to Rock

The arrival of autumn means you get the chance to rebuild your wardrobe. This wardrobe switchover gives us a chance to finally buy some new-season knitwear. Cosy, chic and weather ready, knitwear is brilliant for many different occasions, which is the most important thing to most girls, as girls like to throw theirs on as much as they can over the colder months. Great knitwear is the key style that carries summer classics into winter. Think round neck knitted tops with blouses and chunky, ankle boots, or high neck jumpers layered under printed dresses. knitted teamed up with your favourite pair of jeans is an obvious go to outfit. We have out together 3 styling ideas for your favourite knitwear. Read on to check them out…


Animal Instincts

Just when you thought animal print was going out of fashion, the wild print is back and it’s here to stay. But this time it’s not just leopard print that’s available. Recently other animal prints have started to infiltrate the high street, and designers have looked towards other prints like snake print, tiger stripes and even cow print. The beauty of animal prints is that, they can be mixed and matched with any outfits.


Summers Blazing!

When you think about adding something a bit extra to an outfit, you think sequins, glitter, studs. The last thing you think of is the humble blazer. Especially when it’s in a vibrant shade like cerise, lilac or coral. The blazer is a wardrobe classic that most ladies will have in their wardrobes but unfortunately they tend to mostly be in muted tones like black or grey. Adding a pop of colour could elevate the outfit to the next level. We’d recommend ice cream hues such as lilac, lemon or baby pink to make your blazer a full on Summer masterpiece.


It’s All About the Neon

We thought that the neon surge spiked a few decades ago, but it seems we were wrong. Recently, every high street brand is giving their collection a touch of highlighter shades. And this time it’s not just gym wear thats getting the highlighter pen treatment. We’ve seen it at every fashion event worldwide and taken over many designers collections.


Forget the Blues: Coloured Denim

There’s something about the sunshine that makes even the most monotone dressing person want to throw some vibrant colours into their wardrobes. Whether it’s the peaking temperatures or too much sun, we’re suddenly inspired to wear vibrant ditsy prints, colourful one piece bodysuits and yes, denim in pastel shades. It makes a welcomed change to everyday blue denim. Don’t get us wrong you can’t mess with the classics and the blue jean is one of them but when the sun is shining and temps are up an big splash of colour in anyone’s fashion repertoire is welcomed with open arms. I like to think of it as feel good fashion.