How To Wear Cropped Jeans With Confidence

You’ve Got To Love Cropped Jeans

Jeans are a popular and I am sure most of you have a go to pair in your wardrobe. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the styles we can wear. Skinny, boyfriend, bootcut etc but one of my favourites is cropped jeans. So I wanted to share with all of you glamorous ladies a few tips I have found when it comes to playing with cropped jeans and finding creative ways to incorporate them into your life.

My go to look is cropped jeans with ankle boots. Although you may not initially think about wearing ankle boots with this, it is such a fantastic look especially when the days are colder (as expected in the UK). You can either wear them with higher boots that are then hidden away under the jeans leg or you can show a little gap between your jeans and boots, rolling the jeans up a little bit. Opt for a more rock and roll image by wearing zip up boots or if you want a more classy look you can choose a thinner heel.

If you want to look more dressy, to really elevate a more casual look then this can be achieved easily with a pair of sexy stilettos! Even if you are wearing more looser fitting cropped jeans, this is a fabulous date night look- just by wearing a particular pair of shoes. The right stilettos also work so well for business meetings or work days. Choose a pair of black or nude heels as they match easily with almost any outfit choice.

Layering is such a great styling feature which really helps to transform your look, not to mention it is super useful when the days are colder. Why not opt for a cardigan or shit which comes to the length of your jeans to complete this look. For the layering items, I love choosing a blouse which I can leave open all the way or for a really fashionable look you can half tuck your blouse at the front, creating that asymmetric look to the outfit.  If you go for black or blue jeans which are more neutral colours, add some colours or patterns to your look with a vibrant shirt or jacket- adding more personality to your outfit. My last tip is to always have a blazer at hand. This is an easy to add item which makes your look more formal and stylish. If you have a more fitted blazer, you can select a “mom” style cropped jean to your outfit, this helps to bring the attention to your waist with your buttoned up or belted blazer.

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