It’s All About the Neon

We thought that the neon surge spiked a few decades ago, but it seems we were wrong. Recently, every high street brand is giving their collection a touch of highlighter shades. And this time it’s not just gym wear thats getting the highlighter pen treatment. We’ve seen it at every fashion event worldwide and taken over many designers collections.

We first took note the neon uprising coming into the fold when we took a look at the 2018 Spring fashion shows.It seemed that most designers jumped onboard, giving a lot of their collections the neon touch. Other designers gave a nod to 80s and even designed a full neon pink tailored suit with coral bum bag to finish the outfit off. Others brightened up their collection by incorporating neon green into some of his dress range. Neon also featured heavily on the runways of Milan, Paris, London and New York and that means we can expect to see a lot more.

The neon trend had a meteoric rise. Designers kept things bright with neon even infiltrating their accessories collection. Other designers went a bit formal and  injected bright yellow shades into their pant suit looks.

Street stylers ensured that it wasn’t just the runways that were inundated with neon but also the surrounding areas. Peoples instagrams were brighter than ever so makes sure the brightness on your phone is turned down so you don’t blind yourself. If you are struggling to put together an outfit including neon the go for some fluorescent pink cycling shorts and wear with a boxy blazer and Doc Martin round toe boots. The key to wearing the neon fashion trend in 2018 is to opt for it in small doses instead of head to toe. Try to include neon colours into your accessories if wearing a piece of clothing in neon seems a bit brash for you.


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