I maybe a tad behind writing this blog about flared jeans but sometimes I like to let a trend blow up before i stick my two pence worth in…I’m lying…it’s because of those extra pounds I’ve put on over the Christmas period and i can’t fit in me Denim cropped kick flares . I overindulged to say the least, except on trips to the gym. Anyway, back to the denim. This cut of jean has literally been everywhere and absolutely love…enter the cropped kick flare jeans.

I guarantee this whole blog won’t be all about the cropped kick flare, despite what the title and opening first few lines read. But seriously, they are totally genius and perhaps the ultimate transitional jeans especially on those late Spring/early Summer days when it hammers it down with rain but you don’t want to fish all your Winter clothes back out the closet. So instead, pair a cropped kick flare with a heeled ankle boot – preferably studded or embroidered – which in tow will avoid you getting cold feet, ankles and toes and you don’t feel like the seasons are rolling backwards instead of forwards. For example, when I braved the freezing temperatures of Manchester last month and wore this get up. To be truthful, I was still freezing but I was a lot warmer than i would be if i stuck to my trusty pumps. 

In Manchester, the weather has begun to take a turn for the better (which is surprising), the sun is shining but a nice breeze is circulating and allowing my cropped kick flares to really have their moment in the sun… Sorry, couldn’t resist. 

Skinny jeans have long ruled the denim kingdom and it is quite refreshing to see a new cut of jean starting to battle the skinny jeans for the crown. Don’t get me wrong I still love my skinny jeans but these flared cut add a touch of class to your outfit. Denim is mainly classed as casual but these really elevate jeans into a dressier look. If like me your late to the party with these jeans then get out there this weekend and hunt some down. You’ll thank me later.

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