Returning Spring Favourites

If like me you cannot wait for the sunshine to break through the clouds and the flowers begin to blossom. This means you can finally bust out the Spring gear. Throw away those tights and leggings and whip out every vibrantly coloured trend you own and getting those pins out for their first taste of sunshine for months. I mean, just because the rain has subsided doesn’t mean wearing 6 inch heels gets any easier! But then again, you can fish out the bright coloured vinyl heels you loved last Summer to spice your outfit up abit. 

So, let’s start at the top. I have a long sleeved, silky frill number that is perfect for this time of year. I probably don’t need to tell you, how obsessed I am with this sort of fabric as it seems every girl seems to be in full agreement. Seriously, that aren’t many fabrics that are more chic and stylish while being comfortable at the same time! There are plenty of iterations of this sort of look, some high end and some on the high street for decent prices and you can find a ton of absolutely stunning alternatives online. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative then try and find somewhere that stocks anything from wholesalers Zuppe Clothing Limited, who are based in Manchester. Those guys are supplying some fantastic clothing at really affordable prices. Good to keep in mind if you’re not looking to break the bank. 

Being a teenager for the naughties, I spent years living in a selection of rhinestone, embroidery and very, very shirt frayed edge cut off shorts. They made me feel like Daisy Dukes then and, as that trend seems to have shifted to skirts, I realised i still felt the same way after wearing denim even as the years have passed. Expect to see denim A-Line skirts paired with multiple vest tops, grungy polo tops or maybe even a hot diamante embellished “Juicy Princess” t-shirt soon… I may or may not already own the latter but am yet to wear it outside the (relatively) shade free comfort of my flat. 

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