90s Throwback

The return of ’90s style is a shock more than anything. The 90s brought us some amazing styles such as low rise jeans and silky slip dress but it also brought some trends we would be happy to forget. If you think back I am sure you would be proud of a lot of the things you wore and thinking about them give you a sense of nostalgia. but at the same time I bet it would be a lugh between you and friends if you fished out the old photo albums.

From the styles that we thought would never make a return to styles that have been welcomed back with open arms, there are loads of weird and wonderful outfits we would quite happily forget about. Read on for some ’90s fashion inspiration that you can wear this season.

Bucket Hats

The trend came into the fold when Ian Brown and the Stone Roses from the Madchester music era started wearing them, the likes of All Saints and East 17 followed suit and made the bucket hat mainstream. Designers have produced some great, up to date, version, which seem to have had a good response as they have started to filter down to the high street.

Leather Blazers

This item’s success is down to the hit film The Matrix smashing the box office. As soon as they saw Trinity wearing a long leather jacket, kicking butt, made almost everyone want one. But because the longline jacket doesn’t go with most outfits and is not very practical, designers opted for the jacket in an alternative cropped style. Today, it will more than likely be a leather biker jacket the cool kids are wearing instead of this interpretation.

Pedal Pushers

I’m sure you remember pedal pushers. They were the in between shorts and trousers and were a massive hit in the 90s.. I thought i’d never see these creep onto the high street again but designers could be proving me wrong.



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