Know your Body: Style Guide for all Body Shapes

As fashion bloggers we know our stuff when it comes to fashion so why not spread the word and help others out there. We all know most women know what they look good in. You are bound to have your favourite jeans or favourite floral tea dress that are your go to. With a little help from us you can ditch the same old looks and maybe go for something a bit different that will make you look amazing!

To know what is going to suit you before you try something on is it is essential you know your body shape. Are you curvy, is your bottom half bigger or have you got a bigger bust area? There are lots of different shapes and sizes and with a little bit of guidance from us we can tell you what sort of clothes are going accentuate your figure. The key is to figure out what body size you are, and then try to put together some outfits that compliment you in all areas. We know that some people find it difficult to know what to wear, let alone what your body shape is and how to compliment it. Read on to find out what looks good on what body shapes.


If you’ve got curves in all the right places with a smaller waist, then you’re what is known as having an hourglass figure. The key is to embrace your curves and make a statement by showing off your tiny waistline.


If you’re slim around you legs a tummy but seem to carry a bit more weight around the midriff, you’ve got an apple shaped physique. Your aim should be to reduced the focus on your mid section by showing some shoulder and get them pins out!


Is the widest part of your body around your hip section? If so, then you have what’s considered a pear shaped physique. Your aim should be to take the emphasis off your lower half by showing show cleavage.

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