As we get older, we have new experiences, grow older and more graceful and our opinions on things can drastically change. The same applies to our fashion sense and the way we style our clothes (unfortunately our bodies go through a lot of changes). Although that was a bit deep and philosophical, don’t worry I was only building up to say that for me, one of the few things that hasn’t changed is my favourite colour. Not exactly deep stuff I know but given the uncertain outcome of pretty much everything else in life, to know your favourite colour will never change is somewhat comforting. 

Through my many childhood and teenage phases – boyish, dressing like Avril Levigne, polo clad preppy look, wannabe WAG, cheerleader princess etc etc – the colour green has always been my absolute favourite… And, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think ill ever change. As you definitely know (gah I feel like a broken record, sorry!) when I’m into something, I’m really into it and can’t resist indulging to a degree that I’ve only finally started to accept that can often be is straight up OTT. Nevertheless, on this occasion bug progress was made in that respect, which would explain that i don’t look like a full on Leprechaun as i usually do.   

Yes, huge progress, stay with me on this. My go to sundress that is perfect for every season is a gorgeous shade of green, pair it with a lurex turtleneck that I layered under it with matching sparkly accessories to match that we couldn’t resist adding to the outfit. My first initial idea was to wear this look with an on trend duffle coat in a different shade of green, An emerald green tote bag and some fantastic embroidered footwear with green stitching. I know this is green overkill but it looked fabulous and I was even tempted to add some green accessories in the mix. But on this one time I decided to ignore my green urges and avoid looking like a cartoon character by tempering the green-on-green-on-green with glossy black leather… Maybe the whole “moderation” thing isn’t such a terrible idea after all.

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