Forget the Blues: Coloured Denim

There’s something about the sunshine that makes even the most monotone dressing person want to throw some vibrant colours into their wardrobes. Whether it’s the peaking temperatures or too much sun, we’re suddenly inspired to wear vibrant ditsy prints, colourful one piece bodysuits and yes, denim in pastel shades. It makes a welcomed change to everyday blue denim. Don’t get us wrong you can’t mess with the classics and the blue jean is one of them but when the sun is shining and temps are up an big splash of colour in anyone’s fashion repertoire is welcomed with open arms. I like to think of it as feel good fashion.


Maximise your Old Maxi Dresses

The maxi dress…it has become a firm wardrobe classic for people in every fashion circle. Petite, slim, hourglass figure it doesn’t matter. The maxi dress is a closet mainstay for most women. You probably think you know all there is to know about the classic piece but that’s where you’re wrong. The big hitters of the fashion world have given us some great tips to help style the maxi dress all year round. In winter, we were wearing ours over knitted polo neck jumpers and high waisted mom jeans and pairing them with shearling jackets, but now that spring has arrived (and summer not far behind it), there’s plenty of new ways to wear your maxi dress this season


Know your Body: Style Guide for all Body Shapes

As fashion bloggers we know our stuff when it comes to fashion so why not spread the word and help others out there. We all know most women know what they look good in. You are bound to have your favourite jeans or favourite floral tea dress that are your go to. With a little help from us you can ditch the same old looks and maybe go for something a bit different that will make you look amazing!

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90s Throwback

The return of ’90s style is a shock more than anything. The 90s brought us some amazing styles such as low rise jeans and silky slip dress but it also brought some trends we would be happy to forget. If you think back I am sure you would be proud of a lot of the things you wore and thinking about them give you a sense of nostalgia. but at the same time I bet it would be a lugh between you and friends if you fished out the old photo albums.

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As we get older, we have new experiences, grow older and more graceful and our opinions on things can drastically change. The same applies to our fashion sense and the way we style our clothes (unfortunately our bodies go through a lot of changes). Although that was a bit deep and philosophical, don’t worry I was only building up to say that for me, one of the few things that hasn’t changed is my favourite colour. Not exactly deep stuff I know but given the uncertain outcome of pretty much everything else in life, to know your favourite colour will never change is somewhat comforting. 

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Returning Spring Favourites

If like me you cannot wait for the sunshine to break through the clouds and the flowers begin to blossom. This means you can finally bust out the Spring gear. Throw away those tights and leggings and whip out every vibrantly coloured trend you own and getting those pins out for their first taste of sunshine for months. I mean, just because the rain has subsided doesn’t mean wearing 6 inch heels gets any easier! But then again, you can fish out the bright coloured vinyl heels you loved last Summer to spice your outfit up abit. 

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I maybe a tad behind writing this blog about flared jeans but sometimes I like to let a trend blow up before i stick my two pence worth in…I’m lying…it’s because of those extra pounds I’ve put on over the Christmas period and i can’t fit in me Denim cropped kick flares . I overindulged to say the least, except on trips to the gym. Anyway, back to the denim. This cut of jean has literally been everywhere and absolutely love…enter the cropped kick flare jeans.


Move Over Pink, Lavender is Here to Stay

If like me, you’re sick of the sight of millennial pink being all over the high street then it’s time for a change! We’d recommend going for the more conservative palke blue or if you like to be a bit more daring then go for the colour of the season…Lavender. This colour is perfect for wearing no matter what your style is. Don;t be afraid the mix and match the tones of the colour as teaming the different shades of purple together can really make an outfit look fantastic.

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Retro floral prints: Spring 2018

Retro floral prints that you’d find on your Grandma’s old curtains from the 70’s isn’t what you expect some of  the biggest designers of today to find inspo. But as the past has taught us fashion can take inspiration from anywhere. If the big designers of the fashion world used the bottom of a builders boot as a print it would be huge all over the high street, which shows  how influential they are. Maybe the most famous designers have had been hit with a sense of nostalgia and used memories of their grannies house decor to inspire this new trend we’re seeing more and more of.


How to Wear Sneakers the Grown-Up Way

If you’ve not noticed, sneakers are taking over the high street. And we can’t say we’re surprised, they’re comfy, stylish and versatile. It makes you wonder why you ever prance around in 6 inch heels when you could have just been looking this cool all along. The thing most people struggle with is styling them in a way where they look great for any occasion. So, the team over at Zuppe wholesale clothing have been nice enough to give you a few tips on how to style trainers. Strictly the grown-up way.