Forget the Blues: Coloured Denim

There’s something about the sunshine that makes even the most monotone dressing person want to throw some vibrant colours into their wardrobes. Whether it’s the peaking temperatures or too much sun, we’re suddenly inspired to wear vibrant ditsy prints, colourful one piece bodysuits and yes, denim in pastel shades. It makes a welcomed change to everyday blue denim. Don’t get us wrong you can’t mess with the classics and the blue jean is one of them but when the sun is shining and temps are up an big splash of colour in anyone’s fashion repertoire is welcomed with open arms. I like to think of it as feel good fashion.

Pastel coloured jeans are an instant Summer hit and they can make the most mundane of outfits hit new heights. We’re not saying you need to ditch your favourite blue jeans, but why not have fun with green, yellow or even pastel pink denim? Coloured cut off denim shorts are a great option for when the heat is getting too much, same goes for A-line denim skirts in primary colours or denim dungaree dresses in neon shades. When the sun goes down and the temperature gets a bit cooler, opt for a trusty denim jacket. Even better, you can wear your coloured denim straight into Autumn by adding some neutral coloured knitwear

Just because the cold weather starts to set in doesn’t mean we have to revert back to wearing our trusty dark blue denim jeans or jackets. Help your Summer wardrobe last a bit longer and add the bright colours into your transitional wardrobe. We suggest a pastel coloured denim jacket with a lightweight knit jumper and some on trend corduroy flared jeans. Finish the outfit off with some Dr Martin boots and you’re gonna own the transitional period.


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