Retro floral prints: Spring 2018

Retro floral prints that you’d find on your Grandma’s old curtains from the 70’s isn’t what you expect some of  the biggest designers of today to find inspo. But as the past has taught us fashion can take inspiration from anywhere. If the big designers of the fashion world used the bottom of a builders boot as a print it would be huge all over the high street, which shows  how influential they are. Maybe the most famous designers have had been hit with a sense of nostalgia and used memories of their grannies house decor to inspire this new trend we’re seeing more and more of.

We all know that floral prints will always crop up in the Spring. The latest collection feels new, but, even if they have gone full circle and come back around from decades gone by. We’ve done tropical prints, jungle prints bla bla bla but this take on florals seems like its a fresh interpretation.

Boohoo have recently been using bright, digital flower prints with abstract geometric prints to capture the essence of Summer on the high street while the high end designers such as Tom Ford sent models down the catwalks wearing neon floral head scarves and matching dresses in the same print. Of course, Gucci also got onboard and added some of the nostalgic print to their collection.

When you are choosing a print, you can’t hold back. No matter if the print wouldn’t normally be in your comfort zone, try it out. Just like grannies wallpaper and ugly jackets, the more garish the better. Make sure the retro print gives you that knee jerking reaction. If you close your eyes and picture an throwback lounge in someones house with the floral print cushions and crazy wallpaper then you won’t be far off the mark.

If you want to fit, brash, crazy retro florals into your closet, go in with the mindset that anything is fair game. It might be one of the only trends that you get extra style points for finding the loudest, more grish print.

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