Shoes & Skinny’s

They are a closet classic but people sometimes probably wonder if you need to to surgically remove them they see you wearing them that often. That’s fine because we know how comfortable they are but it’s the shoes you wear with them thats matters. Most footwear goes with a skinny silhouette, but it’s the colour of the denim and the footwear you choose that makes or breaks the outfit.

You need to really mix it up. A lighter shade of jean or a cropped indigo pair, make sure you’ve covered all basis. Jeans are here to stay and will always be on trend so the more pairs you acquire the more outfit choices you can make. We know this is sometimes easier said than done, so we’ve done some research and give you some pointers below.

Classic Sneakers

Brilliant white sneakers are now a wardrobe classic, and we are happy about this as they were only confined to gymwear not so long ago. The best thing about classic white trainers is that anyone can pull them off. Believe me, they go with skinny jeans like peas and carrots.


sophisticated, chic and timeless, the love of these beautiful slip ons is global. Whether they’re leather/retro/vinyl/studded, they will always look great with some skinny fit jeans.
Sportswear Trainers 
There isn’t much better combinations than trainers and skinny fit jeans. The most on trend trainers at the moment have got a thicker sole, like a pair of classic Nike Air Force One’s. I like to wear my Air Force One’s with my baggy mom jeans. Go for a lighter shades with massive rips to look like a true street styler.
Flat shoes with a pointed toe can elevate your skinny jeans to new heights. From studded designs to embellishments, and try some different colours and makes sure you keep it current by researching which colours are on trend.

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