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Midweek Fashion

I always seem to be drawn to neutral colours (think mochas, sand colours and biscuit hues), so i didn’t find it  difficult to wear as many chocolate shades throughout the week. I would even say that black is fast becoming the new brown, a bold statement i know, but if the runways are anything to go buy then it’s true.I wore brown Monday to Thursday, in my quest to prove wearing chocolate brown daily isn’t too much of a difficult task. I tried every trend I could think of, from clashing colours to mix and matching different tones. Keep scrolling to see how i wore brown midweek, and then shop my must-have pieces. wore brown for seven days straight, attempting to make brown look less like a paper bag and fashion forward. I tried every styling move I could think of, from colour clashes to head-to-toe looks to tonal dressing. Keep scrolling to see the seven ways I wore brown, and then shop my must-have pieces.

Inspire Me


As we get older, we have new experiences, grow older and more graceful and our opinions on things can drastically change. The same applies to our fashion sense and the way we style our clothes (unfortunately our bodies go through a lot of changes). Although that was a bit deep and philosophical, don’t worry I was only building up to say that for me, one of the few things that hasn’t changed is my favourite colour. Not exactly deep stuff I know but given the uncertain outcome of pretty much everything else in life, to know your favourite colour will never change is somewhat comforting. 

Inspire Me