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Dressing Tips for Petite Girls

When you’re petite, getting clothes that fit can sometimes be difficult. As someone who’s under 5’3″, I’ve found myself shouting a staff member to grab me a shorter leg jean as the ones I’ve picked are waaaay to long or coats that have drowned me to make me resemble an 80s throwback (such is the unintentional massive shoulder pads). If you’re in agreement, then you know how frustrating it can be. But there are ways around this.

Inspire Me

Forget the Blues: Coloured Denim

There’s something about the sunshine that makes even the most monotone dressing person want to throw some vibrant colours into their wardrobes. Whether it’s the peaking temperatures or too much sun, we’re suddenly inspired to wear vibrant ditsy prints, colourful one piece bodysuits and yes, denim in pastel shades. It makes a welcomed change to everyday blue denim. Don’t get us wrong you can’t mess with the classics and the blue jean is one of them but when the sun is shining and temps are up an big splash of colour in anyone’s fashion repertoire is welcomed with open arms. I like to think of it as feel good fashion.



I maybe a tad behind writing this blog about flared jeans but sometimes I like to let a trend blow up before i stick my two pence worth in…I’m lying…it’s because of those extra pounds I’ve put on over the Christmas period and i can’t fit in me Denim cropped kick flares . I overindulged to say the least, except on trips to the gym. Anyway, back to the denim. This cut of jean has literally been everywhere and absolutely love…enter the cropped kick flare jeans.