Festive Outfit Ideas

The festive period is here and you’re up to your eyeballs in parties and plans you’ve made with friend. Brunch here, drinks with friends there, a few office parties and then you’re fully booked. This can only mean one thing to us fashion girls. We get to dress up a lot more and we love it! Sparkly accessories and embellished footwear. lurex trim jumper for the office? why not! Go that next step by having baubles on your nails and get your hair done so you look extra…well…extra this Christmas.

This time of year is my favourite but with each party means a different outfit. Don’t worry…that’s where we come in. From a works do to a shindig at the local boozer, we’ve stolen some inspo from a few of the most influential fashionistas on the scene for original ideas that will make sure you don’t rock up to a party in the same outfit as some of the other guests in attendance. So read on, look at your party list and use the tips below to help you plan your outfits. These styling tips will make sure you’re covered for any event you have got coming up.

Going Down the Boozer

It is important you know how to elevate the humble jeans and t-shirt to the next level. This is your go to outfit for impromptu last minute “Fancy a few after work? decisions. It’s Christmas after all”. Your colleagues favourite saying over the festive period. Get used to hearing it and make sure you’re always dressed for it. Go for a trench coat, maybe in an animal print of your choice which will add an extra dimension to a laid back outfit. A great choice for drinks down the pub with friends.

Cocktail Chic

If you want to be on trend when cocktail season swings by then give 80s inspired fashion a try. A mini dress is the ideal candidate. Team it with a sequin blazer jacket with oversized shoulder pads to really got over the top 80s.

Festive Luncheon

Trainers with sequin designs are a modern take on a festive outfit, and one that’s ideal for a posh brunch with the girls . Go for green and reds to really hit the christmas spirit home.


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