How to Wear Sneakers the Grown-Up Way

If you’ve not noticed, sneakers are taking over the high street. And we can’t say we’re surprised, they’re comfy, stylish and versatile. It makes you wonder why you ever prance around in 6 inch heels when you could have just been looking this cool all along. The thing most people struggle with is styling them in a way where they look great for any occasion. So, the team over at Zuppe wholesale clothing have been nice enough to give you a few tips on how to style trainers. Strictly the grown-up way.

All White Trainers
The classic white trainers. The most common trainers you’re likely to see on the high street and the ones people find the easiest to style. (e.g. The Stan Smith) is probably the most classic and popular version of the bright white trainers available. The shape and crisp white colour make this is a firm favourite with everyone.

This trainer can luckily literally go with anything and still look good. Pair with jeans, skirts, shorts…I wouldn’t think about it too much. It’s a win win situation.

Some of you probably only wear your running shoes for, when you’re exercising. But with Adidas making some of the freshest and stylish sports trainers and with the emergence of the dad sneaker, which is a sport/fashion hybrid this look is going to be nailed down as one of the looks of the season.
With it literally going with anything from dresses to sweatshirts, it’s a go if you just want to be comfortable all day and not think about anything else.

A Little Bit More Creative
Why not throw a curveball in there and wear something a bit more creative? We’d recommend a structured high top with some neon accents as a nod to the old school but you’ll look current and effortlessly stylish. So go for it a little, and with these perfect Adidas Trainers you’ll definitely be a bit more confident when you walk out of the house.

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