Move Over Pink, Lavender is Here to Stay

If like me, you’re sick of the sight of millennial pink being all over the high street then it’s time for a change! We’d recommend going for the more conservative palke blue or if you like to be a bit more daring then go for the colour of the season…Lavender. This colour is perfect for wearing no matter what your style is. Don;t be afraid the mix and match the tones of the colour as teaming the different shades of purple together can really make an outfit look fantastic.

If you’d rather wear your lilac low key and light in shade or with more colourful purple shades, it’s a beautiful shade that can be worn with almost any trend, especially with fabrics like silk, linen or satin.

It looks great if you wear it with primary colours such as — emerald green, sunshine yellow, siren red. After its emergence on the runways it has been dubbed the new colour of the year, that was previously held by Millennial pink.

As mentioned, the lilac shade featured in a large number of Spring 2018, designers collections. This included big hitters, such as, Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham and Alexander McQueen.

Yep, pretty much every designer worth their salt. It seemed, most the designers were going all in with this one produced some vibrantly, loud collections that were amazing on the eye. Designers paired this colour with other vibrant colours such as cerise. This isn’t just going to be a big colour for the big designer brands but also for the high street brands such as boohoo, topshop and ASOS.

It wasn’t only the Spring collections that got the purple effect. The pre Autumn collections were also awash with the light purple hue. Knitwear and trouser suits seemed to be the styles of choice and it looks like dressing in all purple, tonal outfits will be the way forward.

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